What We Inspect

Reliable Home Inspection adheres to The Standard of Practice as set forth by National Association of Home Inspectors (ASHI) consistent with a visual General Home Inspection and Report.

The systems and components that are inspected will include:


Grading, decks, driveways, walks, siding, trim, windows and doors, etc.


Foundation, under floor areas, walls, ceiling and roof structure, etc.


Coverings, flashings, chimneys, skylights, drainage system, etc.


Service panels, wiring, outlets, lights and switches, GFI, fans, etc.


Supply piping, drain piping, faucets and fixtures, water heater, etc.


Equipment, safety controls, circulation systems, ventilation, etc.

Air Conditioning

Cooling equipment, lines, controls, temperature, etc.


Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, fireplace, cabinetry, laundry, etc.

Attached Garage

Fire separation, vehicle doors, auto reverse openers, etc.

Attic Area

Insulation, ventilation, stairs and access, etc.

Findings are reviewed with the home buyer on site along with an easy to read, full Report emailed the same evening that includes photographs and recommendations.

Please view our Sample Reports.

Additional services offered by Reliable Home Inspection:

  • Radon Measurement
  • Well Flow and Water Testing
  • LBP Visual Assessment
  • Annual Maintenance Inspection
  • Home Warranty Pre-Expiration

The General Home Inspection can be performed on several types of homes including:

  • Townhouse
  • Condominium
  • Duplex
  • Manufactured
  • Vintage

Home Inspectors should present the customer with a clearly written, typed or printed home inspection report, which must conform to the accepted standards of practice for the state the inspection is performed in or the standards of practice of the association that the home inspector belongs to.

Quality is our Standard - and Thoroughness our Goal